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Site Terms

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.”  


You will never find negative reviews on  It is our policy NOT to post poor reviews of a business for a multitude of reasons but first & foremost it’s because EVERYONE has a bad day.  When is the last time you didn’t perform like you normally do at work?

Chances are that if a business has a “bad day” every day, they are not going to be in business very long.  A business only has the community they serve to spread the word and once the word is out they either succeed or they fail.  Furthermore, why should a business suffer a loss in business because an employee called in due to an illness or there was a rush of traffic at a certain hour that they had never seen.  There are hundreds of reasons you may have had a bad experience but chances are it was to no fault of the business owner at all.  The last thing most businesses want to see is for you to leave unhappy.

Another reason we do not post poor reviews is because there are some people out there that are just plain negative themselves and often times so negative that they will sit behind a computer and wallow in how how bad the world has treated them while penning negative reviews about the last place they stopped in for lunch or dinner or the latest service person they had in their home.  I bet that perhaps you may even know someone that fits this very description.

Some of our reviews are portions of the full review.  For example, if we receive a note about several great things and one or two bad... Then there is a good chance we will post it, however not in it’s entirety.  Now then, if the negative far outweighs the positive we will forward it to the people that run that business in hopes that they will address the issues you had and wish for you a better experience in the future.  reserves the right to post any portion or in total, at our sole discretion, with full rights to edit , any or all reviews submitted.  If you disagree with our policy in any way, PLEASE, submit your negative review to a site that has an alternative policy.

It is our intent to get the positive things that people have to say out there and let the “bad day” a business may have had live in the past as most of us would prefer to do when we have a similar day.  We will post the positive things you have to say but let us be very clear on our stance when it comes to airing your grievances online...  LOCALCHICAGODEALS.COM is not a review site.  We exist to promote local businesses and get their most current discount offers out there to the general public.  There are NUMEROUS review sites out there and perhaps a poor review is better suited there.  If we do receive a bad review we DO INDEED forward it to the business so they can perhaps rectify or at the very least, address the situation. exists to provide LOCAL CHICAGO DEALS to you the consumer!  If you had a good experience we love hearing about it and are more than happy to post the positive things you have to say.  After receiving your review (good or bad) you are entered to win one of our many monthly prizes.  Be sure and send in your receipts as well because every receipt we receive for a business on our site is entered to win as well!  (Limit 3 per week)


Thanks for visiting and enjoy the savings... We’re sure your experience will be a good one!